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Are Ozone Generators Illegal??? 

Oxygen Healing Therapies.com approached Longevity Resources Inc. to inform them that we are receiving a rather large number of emails from our readers asking the question: “Are Ozone Generators illegal?”. We approached Longevity Resources Inc. due to the fact that they have been manufacturing ozone generators for 15 years and shipping them to customers all over the world. We feel that they have the experience and the knowledge to answer this question. Here is the information that they provided to us...

Are Ozone Generators illegal?
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Longevity Resources Inc. specializes in the manufacture of ozone generators that produce "Ultra Pure Contaminant Free Ozone". Our ozone generators use a 100% Quartz Glass Tube (no metals at all) to ensure the ozone produced is free of any contaminants and in precise concentrations. Our ozone generators are useful for any applications where pure ozone is required, such as for laboratory or medical research, ozonation of water and oils, and many other applications. We feel that we can provide a very simple answer to the question of the legal status of ozone generators.

Ozone generators are not illegal.

Ozone generators are used around the world for medical research, laboratory research, food preservation (endorsed by the FDA!), industrial processes and manufacturing, water purification, air purification, soil and water remediation, aquaculture, agriculture, and many countries use ozone for medical use (Ozone Therapy) openly endorsed by their health ministries. There are a multiple of other uses for ozone as well. Whether most people are aware of it or not, ozone generators have been in active use around the world for over 100 years and have become so entrenched in our lives that making them illegal would be virtually impossible at this point.

You can buy, own, and personally use an ozone generator in the privacy of your own home for any practical application that interests you. No one can say that you are not allowed to use it or own it; no one has the right to come to your door to confiscate it.

If you are searching for an ozone generator and are considering a purchase, we believe we can offer you a little bit of advice. There are many different ozone generators on the market, and each has been designed for a specific purpose. Ozone generators designed as Air purifiers and Water purifiers for example, should never be used for medical ozone therapy. Those designed as Pool Ozonation Systems, should not be used for sensitive laboratory applications. Decide how you would like to use the ozone, and then thoroughly research your options. Ensure that you are purchasing an ozone generator that will actually provide you with the purity and levels of ozone that you require to accomplish your goals.

Copyright Longevity Resources Inc. Ozone Generators, 2008