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Credentialed Teachers with Clinical Experience and 4 Ozone Therapy Training Courses to Offer You!
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Newly Updated December 14, 2017

Oxygen Healing Therapies is pleased to advertise the most comprehensive Ozone Therapy Training Courses in the world. We focus on listing Ozone Therapy Training Courses that will enable you, the attendee, to obtain a full understanding of the background Biochemical, Immunological, and Physiological effects of Ozone Therapy, while also providing internationally accepted Protocols (Methods of Administering Ozone Therapy) for the Safe and Effective use of Ozone. Central to these course listings is the integrity, experience, and knowledge of the speakers and lecturers of the courses. They are professional, articulate, extremely well educated, knowledgeable and talented in their dispensing of this most important information. If you wish to join the thousands of practitioners around the world who are using Ozone Therapy in their practice (such as those on our Ozone Doctor List), please obtain formal Ozone Therapy Training from an experienced and licensed expert. These Ozone Therapy Training Courses will allow you to do just that.


The Ozone Miracle Best Ozone Book by Frank Shallenberger

Veterinarian Ozone Therapy Certification Course

Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Training & Certifcation Course - "The Essentials of Natural Medicine"
Taught by the "GodFather of Ozone Therapy" himself, Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD
Complete and Current Ozone Therapy Education (Lecture and Live Demonstrations!)

Continental Breakfast each day; Coffee, Tea, and Snacks Served throughout each day.

Register for just one or ALL of the following Course Modules (The March 2017 course sold out early. Register soon!):

Ozone Therapy Training & Certification Courses
February 8 - 9, 2018 Reno Nevada USA. Learn More.
(Seats STILL AVAILABLE for Veterinarians ONLY! Just a few remain! Click Here to Register if you are a Veterinarian!)

This course Sold Out in only 16 days. Your next opportunity will be June 7 - 8, 2018.

You can still learn all about Ozone Therapy in Dr. Shallenberger's new Book The Ozone Miracle, only $8 Kindle and $20 print; The Ozone Miracle includes detailed protocol information on how to use ozone. This is a great way to prepare for the course...buy Dr. Shallenberger's book! Click Here.

Beginning Prolozone
® Courses
February 10 - 11, 2018 Reno Nevada USA. SOLD OUT SOLD OUT!
This course SOLD OUT in only 9 days. Mark your calendars; next class June 9, 2018. Don't miss the next one! Only Dr. Shallenberger teaches true Prolozone!

Veterinarian Ozone Certification Course
February 10, 2018 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and
February 11, 2018 11:00 am to 6:30 pm;

Register Now for this unique opportunity; this course is only offered to Veterinarians once per year!! This course will sell out within days....
Click Here to Learn More about the Veterinarian Ozone Therapy Certification Course: Learn More
Click Here to Register for the Veterinarian Ozone Therapy Certification Course:
Register Now .

Advanced Prolozone® Courses
June 11, 2018 Reno Nevada USA. Learn More
Please note that the "Advanced Prolozone Course" is not offered in February 2018; your next opportunity is this June 11, 2018 course.

Why is Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Certification Course the Leading Ozone Therapy Course in the world?

1/ Speaker & Teacher: Before registering for a couse you need to ensure you will be learning from someone with the proper credentials and experience. For those reasons Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Course is the highest quality, most comprehensive, and best value for the dollar Ozone Course in the World. Dr. Shallenberger has been teaching and expanding this course since the 90's. He is the "Godfather" of Ozone. Learn from the true original.

2/ From the Basics to Cutting Edge: Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Course includes a background basic understanding of how ozone works, from easy to understand biochemistry, physiology, and immunology. From year to year Dr. Shallenberger also expands and refines this course to include pertinent up to date breakthroughs in modern ozone research. Here, you can learn it all.

3/ Theoretical to Practical Hands On: While a firm understanding of how ozone works is essential to the professional practitioner, so is experience and training actually using ozone. This course program includes practical hands-on supervised training in the essential application methods of, for example, Prolozone. Experienced trainers will teach and guide you so you can perform the protocols when you return to your office on Monday.

4/ A World Wide Approach: Practitioners from 14 different countries attended the January 2017 Ozone Therapy Certification Course. Practitioners travel thousands of miles to attend this world leading ozone therapy course.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Certification Course quite often sells out with hours of the opening of registrations. This Ozone Therapy Certification Course is clearly regarded the leading ozone therapy course in the world, and with good reason.

Learn More or Register Now! (Seats will sell out at any moment...)


The Ozone Miracle Best Ozone Book by Frank Shallenberger

Ozone Therapy Distant Learning Course
International Ozone Therapy Course; Learn at Home!
A Complete and Current Ozone Therapy Certification Course for International Practitioners (Lecture and Live Demonstrations!)
for those outside USA/Canada/Mexico.

Important Note: This Distant Learning International Ozone Therapy Course is available to practitioners who live outside of North America only (outside of USA, Canada, and Mexico).

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, considered one of the world's foremost expert on Ozone Therapy teaches you his Ozone Therapy Course in your own home or office! This pre-recorded and complete Ozone Therapy Training Course provides any and all Practitioners from outside North America* the opportunity to learn all about Ozone Therapy without leaving your home country! See the Introductory Special Below!!!

What will you Receive, and what will you Learn?:

  1. Video Presentation: A complete video of the live course with Dr. Shallenberger presenting the information on one half of your screen, and a close up of the slide on the other half of the screen. Includes your own copies of the slides (see a sample here). Value $1025.00

  2. Best selling Ozone Therapy Instructional Book: A copy of Dr. Shallenberger's book, "Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy", a $65.00 value.

  3. Instructional DVD: A full DVD providing video footage of the protocols he describes, fully demonstrated and described (this DVD is not for sale to the public and is therefore priceless!)

  4. Ozone Academy Membership: A one year international membership paid dues in the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (aaot.us), a $300.00 value!

  5. Certificate: A "Certificate of Completion" to hang on your office wall.

  6. Extra Bonus!: A live conference call with Dr. Frank Shallenberger himself, to answer your questions about the content of the course after you have completed the course. A $300.00 Value!

The full value of this course is over $1690.00 USD, available to you for this introductory offering of only $600.00. That's 65% Off the Retail Price! But hurry, this price won't last long!

See Sample Clip of the course: VIEW SAMPLE VIDEO

Register Now! (Scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking on this link)

(This 65% International Discount will not last long!)

*Please Note: This Distant Learning International Ozone Therapy Course is available to any and all practitioners outside of North America only (outside of USA, Canada, and Mexico).

Ozone Dentist Robert Harris DMD

Ozone Dentist Phil Mollica DMD

The Use of Ozone in Dentistry - Clinical Course and Workshop
Brought to you by: ACIMD - American College for Integrative Medicine and Dentistry
Your Instructors: Dr. Robert Harris DMD, Dr. Phil Mollica DMD
Earns you 14 AGD Credits (Subject Code 162: Ozone)
Certified by the AAO - American Academy of Ozonotherapy (click here for AAO information)

Seats go fast for these courses...Register Now before they sell out:

January 26 - 27, 2018, Indianapolis, IN USA (14 AGD Credits) Learn More or Register Now

March 2-3, 2018, Beverly Hills, CA USA (14 AGD Credits) Learn More or Register Now

Training will include hands on experience with the DOU120 Ozonation System from Longevity Resources Inc. For more information click here. To register for one of these courses, click: Register.

One non-toxic pain free treatment that is effective for:

1/ Dental Caries - kill the bacteria in them before the carie reaches the dentin = no need for drilling.
2/ Periodontal Disease - kills all pathogens while supporting tissue health; resolves periodontal disease quickly and effectively.
3/ Prevention and Treatment of Root Canals (Endo)...exterminating all bacteria in roots and tubules results in far fewer post procedure infections
4/ Much, much more!

For more info on the course click here...

Dr. Robert Harris DMD and Dr. Phil Mollica DMD have been using ozone in clinical practice since 2002. Both of these experienced clinicians are Professor Emeritus from the Departments of Dentistry and Integrative Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine Washington D.C. and both are on the Board of Directors of the ACIMD - American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. They are the lead investigators in a national outcome study on the use of oxygen/ozone in dentistry. Their Clinical Course and Workshop on the Use of Ozone in Dentistry is restricted to only 10 students to provide each individual an outstanding 'hands on training' experience on how to use ozone as an effective agent capable of resolving every oral infection, from caries, to perio, endo, bone, and soft tissue infections. Ozone; one non-toxic agent with no toxic side effects and no possibility of resistivity. Each course understandably sells out far in advance of the date of the course (i.e. register early). This is an outstanding opportunity for licensed Dentists to obtain intensive hands on training on the use of ozone in dentistry, in an intimate gathering that enables one on one instruction. Practitioners are sent home at the end of the course with a complete understanding regarding the Ozone Protocols that are essential for Dental Medicine, and therefore the ability to use ozone immediately in the practice.

Click HERE to Read More, or Click HERE to Register Now!

Harper Restoration System - Stem Cells, Ozone and Regenalyn Training (Better than PRP!)
Your Instructor: Dr. Dennis Harper, DC, ND,
Visit HarperOzone.com for more information

Harper Restoration System Techniques are considered regenerative therapies yielding an 80 - 85% success rate! Those types of outcomes beat drugs and surgery combined. The Ozonated Clot Matrix Therapy is considered to be better than PRP (and far easier to administer => no cetrifuge!) plus we are offering Progenitor Cell (Stem Cells) Injection and IV Training.

By using minimally invasive, non-surgical alternatives for injuries and joint degeneration, the human body is given the natural tools to begin to heal itself. Ozone stimulates the body's natural healing process, rapidly relieving chronic pain and rebuilding damaged areas. Patient smiles and soaring success rates! You will be thrilled you attended these courses.

Courses are 80% hands on! You will know exactly what to do, and how to do it when you return to your office.

Ozone, Ozonated Clot Matrix (OCM) and Biologic Allograft Training Courses:

Regular Course Schedule will Resume and be displayed here in January 2018! Watch for the new schedule! Check back here often!

For questions please call Stevie 208-827-2803
or Email: stevie.staffharper@gmail.com

Harper Restoration System Seminars: Don't Miss This!
You will learn how to perform cutting edge regenerative medicine with Stem Cells, Ozone, and OCM: Ozonated Clot Matrix. You'll provide your patients with leading therapies that are proven to work AND you'll be offering regenerative medical techniques that none of the other clinics in your area can match.

Biologic Allograft (Stem Cell) Training! Ozonated Clot Matrix Course
Get excited about Stem Cells. There are several different types on the market that can be somewhat confusing. Fortunately Dr. Harper will teach you about all of them. Yes...YOU can use stem cells.

These seminars demonstrate how you can successfully integrate stem cell therapy protocols into your practice. Included in the training is hands-on training and instruction so you can use these techniques as soon as you return to your practice.

Also included?...patient marketing materials so you know how to get your patients excited about your new regenerative skills, website network presence, and back office management procedures.

Dr. Harper offers you the whole package! Hands on training, background information, and marketing and management materials and knowledge!
Dennis Harper DC has developed a simple, cost effective alternative to PRP that is proving to be better than PRP.

OCM uses amino acids and B Vitamins with Ozone to create a medium where the platelets are held in a cytokine rich and highly ozonated clot matrix. This provides cells with the ideal medium to enhance cellular differentiation.

OCM is easier and safer than PRP becuase centrifugation and chemical additives are not necessary. The process produces a fibrous matrix resembling foam that when injected into joints is active for 14 days stimulating stem cells and regenerating cartilage. OCM is easy to perform and is essentially replacing PRP.

Watch the video "Ozone Clot Matrix with Regenalyn, Better than PRP".

Dr. Harper has spent many years understanding the medical uses of ozone, specifically in conjuntion with vitamin solutions and protocols. He found that when adding ozone to injection protocols in specific amounts and with proper techniques, we get a massive increase in patient healing from joint and ligament degeneration, arthritic conditions, and scar tissue. Now with the addition of Stem Cell Training we can provide YOU with a whole new level of success to the practitioner and the patients.. .

Click Here to read more or Contact Stevie Curry at 208-827-2803 (or email: stevie.staffharper@gmail.com)

Dr. Robert Rowen's Ozone Therapy Workshop
February 2 - 3, 2018, Santa Rosa CA USA

Your Instructor: Dr. Robert Rowen MD

Dr. Rowen's oxidation workshops focus on hyperbaric ozone therapy and the Lahodny Ozone High Dose Therapy. The Workshop has been expanded to two days as follows:

Day 1 is for beginners and intermediates.

Day 2
is for those not needing to learn basic Prolozone and desiring specifically to learn and practice hyperbaric ozone (HBO3) and the new OHT Technique. HBO3 uses 200 cc of blood into a glass bottle, it is ozonated under pressure created in the bottle, then it it returned to the patient under pressure (one pass). This is repeated for a total of 10 passes. If all goes well, this treatment can be done in less than one hour.


Day 1 February 2, 2018
Topic: Basic / Intermediate ozone therapy

Start: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm (approximately)

Morning Session: Methods of administering ozone inclusive of HBO3 and other ozone Protocols using Longevity Resources machines.

Lunch: A fantastic gluten-free delicious vegetarian lunch is included.

Afternoon Session: Prolozone techniques on patients and seminar participants. You will be shown how to perform most joint and soft tissue injections. All of you will be entitled to one oxidation treatment, either blood or joint/soft tissue injection. I cannot promise every one of you a blood treatment due to time and vein size issues. Attendees of day 1 will be given a USB drive with my entire oxidation library (priceless and subject to a non-disclosure agreement).

Day 2 February 3, 2018:
10 Pass
Start: 9:30 am End: 5 - 7:00 pm (approximately)

Day two training begins with a 45 minute didactic presentation on hyperbaric ozone followed by a full demonstration of performing a '10 pass' treatment on a participant. We will carefully go through virtually all of the problems that can arise so that you can take care of them in your office if it arises during a treatment. The group will break into 3 groups so you can perform at least 3 consecutive HBO3 passes on the same class participant recipient. Only participants with big veins will be chosen to be recipients of this OHT practice. (Note: Dr. Lahodny will NOT be present).
A fantastic gluten free delicious vegetarian lunch is provided

Prerequisites: Current professional license that allows you to perform IV/Injection therapy and order medical supplies under your own license is required

Staff – A doctor may purchase, at regular registration rate, an additional seat for an accompanied office staff member to attend, if a seat is available. If the doctor has taken one of our past “basic” office classes, then professional office staff may attend at regular registration rate unaccompanied by the doctor.

You may attend Day 1, Day 2 , or both, provided the prerequisites are met.
Day One & Day Two: $4495.00 (USD)
Day One Only: $3495.00
Day Two Only (as follows): 1. If you were at one of our past “basic” and Prolozone classes in our office, the cost is $995.00
2. If you have not attended a past “basic” and Prolozone class in our office, but have been doing at least 2 years of ozone, including MAH, your fee will be $2295.00

Registration: Please email terrisu@sonic.net to receive a registration form.

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