Your Instructors:
Dr. Robert Harris DMD, NMD, FAACP, IBDM and Dr. Griffin Cole DDS, NMD, MIAOMT, IBDM

Complete "Hands On" Certification with 14 AGD Credits
Presenting leading edge information!

Course Comments: Read Below to Learn What Past Attendees Have Thought of the CADD Ozone Course!

"Dr. Griffin Cole and Dr. Bob Harris's Fundamental Ozone Disciplines Course is a must for anyone who aims to implement ozone therapy into their practice. Having taken many courses over my career, I am selective where I get my information and always want to go straight to the source. Dr. Griffin Cole an Dr. Bob Harris are "THE SOURCE" and expert leaders in ozone therapy. From the history of ozone, to the science, to the implementation protocols, this course provides you with everything you need to be able to udnerstand and apply ozone therapy. Dr. Griffin Cole and Dr. Bob Harris's passion for teaching and sharing their wealth of knowledge shows they are well organized, detail oriented, and do it all in an entertaining and fun learning environment. I highly recommend!"
Dr. Tyler Wynne, DDS FAGD AIAOMT

"Whenever I attend a lecture or hands on class, my biggest goal is to gain information and tools to take home and put into practice on Monday morning. Dr. Griffin Cole and Dr. Robert Harris provided this and more for all of the class participants at their Fundamentals of Ozone Course. In fact, after our seminar with hands-on training concluded Saturday afternoon, I drove to my office and within two hours, I started my first systemic treatment which achieved immediate relife for my patient's problems. What impressed me most about these two gentlemen was their willingness to be challenged with difficult questions, and their detailed knowledge on the subject. Bob and Griffin bring a refreshing new learning experience to the field of biologic dentistry that I am looking forward to continuing in the future".
Michael D. Margolis DDS IND,
Past President of the IABDM,
Instructor/Lecturer - Biologic Denistry

"I recently took the Ozone Fundamentals Course with Dr. Griffin Cole and Dr. Bob Harris. The course material was presented in a way that was undertstandable and easily integrable into my daily practice. The hands-on portion was very engaging and allwed me to feel comfortable with the different ozone administration techniques. I would highly recomment this course for anyone who is interested in implementing ozone into their practice or even for more knowledge on the subject."
Dr. Christopher Naranjo, DMD

"The Fundamentals of Ozone Course hosted by Griffin Cole and Bob Harris aught me real world applicaitons in ozone therapy. The course content goes far beyond traditional teaching methods taught in school and other courses out there...every dentist should take this course if they want to be at the leading edge of Biologic Dentistry. Because it's an advanced skill set, both Griffin and Bob are there to support you long after the course ends. They always respond to my texts or calls in a timely manner. I HIGHLY recommended the course to any healthcare pracitioner."
Dr. Josh Raiffe, DMD

"NOBODY teaches the vital information about ozone better than CADD. What makes their course really special is that you are able to back to the office on Monday morning and not only help imporve your patients' health, but also make your practice more productive. Put attending or hosting the Harris/Cole ozone course on your dental bucket list!"
Dr. Ingo Mahn, DDS AIAOMT,
Chairman - IAOMT Ozone Committee

"I recently attended the Harris/Cole CADD Ozone training in Arizona. It was great learning so much from two clinicians who have so much experience. Since returning from the course, my practice has implemented ozone therapy into our hygiene practice and we are looking forward to offering the many more applications. I'll definietly make it to the next advanced course."
Dr. Stephen Alfano, DDS MS FACP



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