What is Ozone Therapy? What's the Big Deal?
Ozonetherapy (or "Ozone Therapy") is used across the USA and Canada by a wide variety of practitioners, including but not limited to Medical Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Osteopathic Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Oriental Medicine Practitioners, and a huge array of specialists. The challenge to date in North America has been a lack of cohesion and cooperation amongst practitioners. This lack of organization has perhaps been one element that has held back a wider acceptance of Ozone Therapy (in North America) as a safe and effective therapy for a wide variety of health challenges.

The American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) was newly founded in 2012, as an academy of health professionals dedicated to establishing standards for the art and science of Ozonotherapy, educating the public and other health professionals about the many uses of Ozonotherapy in medicine, and promoting research in Ozonotherapy. Their goal is to enhance the health and well being of people through this safe, inexpensive, and effective therapy.

The AAO - American Academy of Ozonotherapy is the only professional academy dedicated to ozonotherapy in the United States. The AAO Accepts ALL licensed practitioners, and therefore is the one organization to belong to, regardless of your license.

Membership in the AAO is achieved by professionals with various credentials who have demonstrated a proven knowledge of the science and art of Ozonotherapy.



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