Ozone for Air Purification

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Air Purification Using Ozone

Ozone is a magical substance when used for air purification. Absolutely nothing has the capability of removing unpleasant odors like Ozone. But Ozone goes far further than that. Ozone kills disease causing organisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Think of the way we usually battle bad odors. You can release perfume smelling chemicals by spraying them into the air. If there is a bad odor, like pet urine, on carpet or furniture you can try to find the exact location of the odor and spray perfumes there. The perfumes cover the smells, but they can’t possibly remove it. When the spray wears off, the smell returns.

For musty closed-in household odors we are instructed to buy a bottle of breezy smelly chemicals and spray them around the house, or plug in an electrical device that looks like a night-light so that smelly chemicals come out and float through the air. Once again the chemicals that are released into the air are just perfumes; they don’t destroy or change the source of the odor, they just cover it up for a short period of time. This is why you need to keep applying the breezy smelly stuff, because it wears off and the smell returns.

Ozone on the other hand is a natural oxidizing agent that will actually destroy the source of the smell and eliminate it. This is the most important point of this whole article…the ozone destroys not only the smell that is in the air, but also the source of the smell on the carpet, walls, floors, etc. Ozone will literally take apart the molecule that is making the smell. If the molecules creating the smell are destroyed by the ozone, then there is no more smell. Smells of garbage in the garage, pet urine or feces, kitchen smells such as fish or other foods are gone in seconds to minutes and will not return because the molecules that were causing the smell have actually been destroyed by the ozone. (We all have to realize that if the garbage is still in the garage or the cat pees on the carpet again, of course the smell will return. But the point is that the very molecules that make the smells are destroyed (forever) by the ozone rather than just being covered up by a perfume.)

The best part is that ozone can be released into the air and will travel to the source of the smell on its own and destroy it. You don’t have to find the source of the smell yourself or go through the effort of putting ozone right on the source of the smell.

Airborne Pathogens and Associated Health Concerns
Ozone can not only eliminate odors but can also be used for airborne pathogens, disease causing organisms that travel through the air and have the potential to affect (or infect) everyone. This aspect of ozone is not only handy in the home, but think of the benefits to schools and hospitals where many illnesses are passed from one person to the next through the air!

Whole building Ozonation systems are available that are capable of producing ozone at precision levels to ensure that while there is always ozone present in the air, it is always at the proper concentration levels to destroy pathogens (disease causing organisms) but also be safe for humans to breathe.

Imagine a hospital with a built in ozone system that is able to deliver ozone gas to all areas of the hospital through special ducts. Now imagine ozone sensors in every section of the hospital that measure the concentration of the ozone in the air. These systems exist today in hospitals, shopping centers, factories, and schools in Europe to drastically reduce the levels of airborne pathogens and keep the occupants of these buildings safe from pathogenic organisms. The ozone levels are controlled by a central computer that monitors the ozone concentration in the air of every section of the building. Once the ozone levels reach the maximum amount allowable, the ozone supply is cut off to that section of the building until the ozone levels are reduced over time to the minimum effective levels, at which time the ozone is once again allowed to enter that section of the building. The ozone concentration then is precisely controlled so that it is kept within the effective range for killing pathogens and at the same time not harming people; never too much and never too little. This has far reaching implications for airborne illnesses that fill hospitals every day. These statements are to display the capabilities of ozone, and the applications of ozone gas that are being used today all over the world. However interesting this is, this is not how you will be using ozone. So, back to more practical information as to how you can use Ozone Air Purification to improve your daily life.

Ozone Air Purification in Your Home
Ozone can easily and safely be used at home by simply purchasing one of the thousands of “Ozone Air Purification Units” sold on the market today. Caution is advised however to ensure that the ozone generator you purchase produces the proper levels of ozone for the space you plan to ozonate, and it is highly advised that you make sure you can turn the ozone production level up and down to suit your requirements. Of course, the third bit of advice is to ensure you have purchased an ozone generator that has a decent warranty and comes from a reputable manufacturer or dealer.

There are two main ways to use ozone in the home:

Method 1 = Shock Treatment:

Shock treating a room means that you place the ozone generator on the highest possible setting for a relatively short period of time and shock the room with very high concentrations of ozone. If you are going to do this you need to ensure that you have considered the following preparatory actions:

  1. Make sure there are no pets, plants, people, or sensitive electronics in the room when you do this (such as stereos, TV’s, computers). All could be harmed by the high ozone levels.
  2. Make sure no one can enter the room while the ozone is running. The ozone levels will be too high for someone to breathe, so place warnings on the door and tape the door closed so no one can get in by mistake.
  3. Make sure you tape the bottom of the door so that the ozone does not escape from the room to another room.

Example: The garage was full of smelly garbage for a week while you were away on holidays. The garbage has been removed, but the air in the garage is still so foul, you can’t go in there. The shock treatment method would be to place your Ozone Air Purifier in the garage, set it on full, set the timer for an hour (if you have one), close the doors and windows, turn it on, and leave. The ozone flows for one full hour on the highest setting. No one is in the garage to breathe it so no one is harmed by the ozone. You come back after two hours, so one hour has passed when no ozone was running which gives the ozone that time (one full hour) to dissipate and to turn back into oxygen.

Method 2 = Constant Ozone to Keep the Air Fresh

As the name suggests this method of using ozone means that you use the ozone generator a bit every day to keep the air fresh and clean in your home. . If you are going to do this you need to ensure that you have considered the following preparatory actions:

  1. Ozone levels in your home should remain very low at all times, so that the air remains fresh and clean, but you should not be able to smell a constant odor of ozone. If you leave the home for an hour or so and come back and you can smell a strong odor of Ozone, then you have too much ozone in your home. If you leave the home and come back and smell nice fresh air (like just after a thunderstorm) then the ozone levels in your home are correct.
  2. Please consider purchasing a high quality Ozone Sensor from a quality manufacturer that will measure the levels of ozone in your home constantly. When the lights are in the green, the ozone levels are safe; in the red, the ozone is too high.
  3. Make sure you have purchased an ozone air purifier that has an adjustable dial on it so you can turn it up and down. You will need more ozone in the air when there are more people in your home, or more food smells from cooking, and less ozone when people and cooking subsides.

Most people use a combination of these methods, shock treating a room, basement, or garage when the need arises but also running the ozone generator a few times per week, to keep the air fresh and clean. It is not recommended to leave your ozone generator running all the time. One reason is that this is rarely necessary. Short duration running of your ozone generator each day should be enough to keep the air fresh and clean in your home.

One exception to this rule is that sometimes basements will benefit from constant exposure to a low yet effective level of ozone, because the ozone can prevent mold, mildew, and dangerous spores and fungus from growing in your basement.

It is extremely important that you are never exposed to too much ozone. It is true that if you breathe high concentrations of ozone long term, that some damage to the lungs can occur. Fortunately you need to be breathing very high concentrations for a very long time in order for this to happen. Ozone is far safer for you than some people would lead you to believe. Just make sure the levels relatively low at all times (unless you are shock treating a room). If you make Ozone Air Purification part of your lifestyle, it is wise to make an investment in a high quality Ozone Sensor that will sense the levels of ozone in your home at all times, and warn you when the levels get too high. You may think that you will notice the levels getting too high yourself, just by the smell, but the reality is that you become accustomed to the smell of ozone and you won’t necessarily know when the levels rise too high. Therefore, running the ozone generator intermittently when it is needed, or purchasing an Ozone Sensor (or both) are usually the normal recommendations for using ozone in your home to keep the air amazingly fresh, clean, mold and mildew free.


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