Ozone for Water Purification

Water Purification Using Ozone

Ozone is utilized for Water Treatment purposes all over the world and has been for over 100 years. This non-toxic agent (Ozone) has been proven to thoroughly disinfect the water, killing all pathogens while leaving no toxic residues in the water. Ozone's closest competitor (Chlorine) cannot claim either of these wonderful attributes. Chlorine is a toxic cancer causing agent in its own right, and the interaction of chlorine with organic molecules in the water, creates even more toxic by-products called TriHaloMethanes or THM's. THM's are quite stable in the water and make it all the way to your water glass. In short, you are drinking THM's with every glass of water you obtain from the faucet in your home. There are thousands of THM's so testing every single one of them would be quite time consuming. Suffice it to say however that every THM that has ever been tested has also proven them to be cancer causing agents. For this reason European cities have strict regulations on the concentration of THM's that can exist in drinking water. In North America however, the allowable THM levels are far greater.

The purpose of this section is to let you know that Ozone provides the world with a wonderful alternative to the use of Chlorine for water purification. The information provided here is meant to be very basic, just to give you an overview how Ozone is used in Water Purification. If your town or city does not use Ozone for water purification, perhaps now is the time to attend the City Hall meetings and demand a review of your city's water treatment facilities.

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