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New Book!: Dr. Frank Shallenberger's new book, The Ozone Miracle, is your ultimate guide to Ozone Therapy. Click here to see more information about his book, "The Ozone Miracle". It includes full instructions on how to perform Ozone Therapy, written by North America's leading Ozone Therapy teacher, Dr. Shallenberger.


1. BUYING AN OZONE GENERATOR: International Experts Speak Out: Quartz Glass Electrodes are best for ozone generators.

2. Quartz Glass or Ceramic? Find out which material is best for Ozone Electrodes (Hint: One of them does not even exist).
Do you know what is inside your ozone generator? Some materials are not suitable for the interior of an ozone generator. Click here for this crucial information.

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The Ozone Courses we post on Oxygen Healing Therapies.com are taught by the leading world experts on Ozone Therapy. We ensure that each course that is listed is led by well educated, experienced practitioners who provide accurate, scientifically verified information regarding the use of Ozone for the many applications and protocols for which it is suited. If you are a practitioner in search of accurate, well referenced information regarding Ozone Therapy we invite you to attend at least one of these courses to educate yourself regarding the safe and effective use of ozone. For those practitioners who believe that Ozone Therapy does not work, or that Ozone is Toxic, we challenge you to attend one of these courses and maintain your beliefs. Why would we issue you this challenge?. Because once you have viewed the clincal evidence, the solid research that spans greater than 80 years, and the detailed biochemical and immunological explanations regarding Ozone's effect on the human body we guarantee you will be at a crossroad. Continue to believe in mistaken preconceived ideas about ozone, or join the thousands of practitioners who are improving and saving lives on a daily basis with this wonderful, nurturing, oxygenating / oxidizing, rejeuvenating gas: Ozone.

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