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Photo-Oxidation Therapy (UV Therapy or UVBI)
by Phoebe Chow, ND

What is P.O.T.?
P.O.T. is ultraviolet irradiation of the blood. It is a natural healing method that has been used for over 30 years by hundreds of European physicians. P.O.T. is safe, non-toxic, and very effective.
How is P.O.T. administered?
The medical procedure is as follows: 60-100 cc. of blood are collected by vein puncture into a 60 cc. syringe or an I.V. bag which is connected to silicon and glass tubing. the blood flows through the tubing and passes across an ultraviolet light and collected in the syringe or I.V. bag. From this container it is re-infused. The procedure takes approximately 25 minutes. All equipment is sterile and is disposed of after each use.
When is P.O.T. indicated?
Biological photo-oxidation creates high energy molecules in the blood that oxygenates and electrically charges the body. The result is a cleansing and healing effect. Weak and damaged cells are cleansed; viruses, fungi, bacteria are killed, and circulation is enhanced. P.O.T. is reported to help inhibit cancer growth.
Medical applications for P.O.T.:
Viral illness - Flu, hepatitis, herpes, AIDS
Microbial illness - Infections, gangrene, fungus
Ensures - Burns, radiation, wounds
Supplemental therapy for:
Chronic illness - M.S., colitis, Crohn's disease, cancer
Circulatory - Disturbances and obstructions
Eye disease - When caused by poor circulation
Geriatric - With old-age phenomena P.O.T. produces well-being
Radiation and chemotherapy - Are better tolerated and side effects are reduced when supplemented by P.O.T.
The basic treatment series is recommended to be taken 2 times per week for 5 weeks, then monthly thereafter as needed and/or for prevention. The biological cycle that P.O.T. produces is reported to remain active for over 10 months.
It is very important that you:
1. Assist your body in eliminating waste and toxins that will be flushed by this therapy. You should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of live water daily, preferable between meals. We recommend water treated by reverse osmosis.
2. Have at least one bowel elimination daily. Take an herbal laxative if necessary such as senna leaves.
3. A quick daily walk in fresh air while breathing deeply is energizing, cleansing, and healing for your body. As you walk and breath, focus on the beauty of nature around you. Visualize how your body, mind and spirit is part of the wholeness of the universe. this assists you in healing your emotional and physical energies.
4. Additional exercise with a rebounder facilitates lymph drainage. 5-10 minutes each time, and 3-4 sessions daily.
5. Bathe your body daily and rub your skin vigorously with a terry washcloth or lufa.
6. Avoid taking large amounts of anti-oxidant supplements that may hinder the oxidation process the day of your treatment. These include vitamins: beta- carotene, C, E, selenium, and (S.O.D.) Superoxide dismutase.
Note: Do take added enzymes and minerals and celtic sea salt as recommended, as they help facilitate energizing processes, which will be activated by P.O.T.
The P.O.T. treatment series can be unparalleled in doing its job to help cleanse and energize your physical body, provided the above requirements are met by you, the recipient, in many cases, other specific therapies are also necessary to target stubborn problems, but P.O.T. is a valuable supplement to assist any other treatment.

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