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Sauna Therapy and Healing
by The International Steam Therapy Association

What is a Fever?
A fever is the body's highly evolved attempt to destroy invading organisms and to sweat impurities out through the skin. Fever is an effective natural process of curing disease and restoring health, heat therapy, or hyperthermia, represents a way to create fever to call out his natural healing process.

Heat Therapy
The Secret of Hyperthermia, or heat therapy, is that cancer cells are vulnerable to high temperatures. Heat the cancer cells and they can be easily destroyed, especially if the tumor lies close to the skin surface. In the process, patients can reduce or even eliminate the need for radiation.

The Principle
The principle behind hyperthermia is simple: heat cancer cells and they can be killed easily. Direct killing of cancer cells begin to occur when the cancerous tissue reaches about 104 F to 105.8F. Only a relatively small rise in body temperature can make a huge difference says Dr. R Atkins who includes heat therapy in his cancer protocols.

Unlike normal tissue, tumors have poor blood flow relative to their metabolic needs and cannot dissipate the heat, so they tend to get hotter than the surrounding area. Rapidly dividing cells (i.e., cancer cells) are more vulnerable to the effects of heat. Normally, part of the damage caused by radiation is repaired by the cancer cels, enabling some to survive; however, heat foils this self-repair ability. Taken together, these facts tend to make tumors more vulnerable to heat treatment than normal cells.
Hyperthermia is now approved in the U.S. for treatment of breast cancer recurrence.

Practitioners of alternative medicine have long recognized hyperthermia as a useful technique in detoxification therapy because it releases toxins stored in fat cells. Hyperhtermia can be used to remove fat-stored chemicals such as pesticides, PCBs, and drug residues from the body. Only recently ha conventional medicine caught up with this practice and begun to incorporate hypertheria in the orthodox treatment protocols for cancer.

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