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An Easy Way to Get Oxygen for Multi-Step Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
Written by: Robert Rowan MD;
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Excerpt from the June 1, 2007 Edition of Second Opinion Newsletter

One of the most frequent matters I’m asked about is to help people get started on multi-step therapy or exercise with oxygen (EWOT). When you subscribed [to Second Opinion Newsletter], my publisher sent you detailed materials on this most cost effective and safe way to turn back the aging clock.

The problem for many readers is that you need a source for the oxygen. Medical oxygen cylinders carry a long-term cost. A large tank may cost up to $70 to refill and will give you about 20-25 exercise sessions. Over time, the refill costs add up. Medical oxygen also requires a prescription. Going to a doctor to get the prescription adds even more to the cost.

A better solution is an oxygen concentrator. This is a machine that extracts oxygen from your room and delivers a higher concentration to your nose and mouth than room air. A good concentrator can deliver about 90% oxygen at 10 liters per minute. This is the bare minimum for EWOT. Most of my patients have used this rate of flow with great success. However, when you exercise, you will breathe more than 10 liters of gas per minute. That will cause you to breathe in some room air also, diluting the oxygen concentration.

I like 15 liters per minute. For that you will need the oxygen tank or two concentrators. However, in the USA, oxygen concentrators also require a prescription.

A Canadian company recently contacted me and said that they can provide the whole EWOT set up — concentrator(s), special mask, and tubing without a prescription. This company also makes ozone generators that you can use to purify water, or in the privacy of your home, provide yourself with oxidation treatments.

If you want to do EWOT or ozone, please give Longevity Resources a call at 877-543-3398 (001 250 654 0092 from outside Canada USA) or visit their website at I will be referring interested parties directly to them. They might just help you save a visit to the doctor for your EWOT or ozone interests.

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