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Reverse Diabetic Retinopathy With Easy, In Home Treatment (EWOT!)
Written by: Robert Rowan MD;
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You can reverse the two most feared complications from diabetes, retinopathy and nephropathy, with a simple treatment you can do in your own home.

Both of these conditions develop in diabetics because the disease causes the capillary membranes to thicken. When these membranes thicken, it hinders oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cells.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has little to offer diabetics who develop these conditions. Most of them receive laser surgery, with little success. But a new study gives
evidence that diabetics, even those who have had laser surgery, can benefit from one of my favorite therapies.

In a pilot study just published by Johns Hopkins Hospital, five patients between the ages of 52 and 69 with diabetic retinopathy were selected. All had conventional laser treatment previously and 9 of 10 eyes had persistent edema despite the laser. (Lasers burn abnormal and leaking blood vessels caused by diabetes in the retina.)

The patients were given supplemental oxygen (using an oxygen concentrator) at four liters per minute by nasal tube. They were instructed to use the oxygen continually for three months, except when taking showers.

At the end of the test period, extra thickness of the macula (your central vision) was reduced by 54 percent! Additionally, three of the eyes had better visual acuity, improving two lines on the reading chart. Most of the eyes gradually worsened when the oxygen was withdrawn. However, four of the eyes maintained stability, suggesting that supplemental oxygen has a stabilizing effect on the laser surgery for retinopathy.

The principal investigators in the study believe the retina, when faced with a decrease in oxygen, becomes leaky. This stimulates the growth of new (but abnormal) blood vessels.

Since the new blood vessels are abnormal, they can leak or bleed. So their presence is more dangerous to the eyes than simply needing the oxygen. The leakage can cause the macula to become thickened, resulting in vision loss. This affects up to 10 percent of all patients with diabetes.

Supplemental oxygen prevents the eye from producing these abnormal vessels. This, in turn, reduces the amount of leaking in retinal vessels and prevents the macula from thickening. The treatment could reduce the thickness of the retina before laser treatment. Burdened by less edema, laser treatment may become more effective, even when oxygen is withdrawn.

Obviously, your most important nutrient is oxygen! This is just more proof of its value. Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), performed for decades in Germany, is the granddaddy of oxygen therapies. Aging itself causes thickening of the capillaries. Supplemental oxygen was shown years ago to reduce edema accumulated in the capillary lining cells. This work confirms its power, but it will be decades before “modern” medicine figures it out.

If you have diabetic retinopathy, or nephropathy, oxygen therapy is a must. In fact, if you have diabetes, you’re most likely to have problems at some degree in many organs of the body. Don’t wait for complications. Start EWOT today! Most of my patients call Longevity Resources Inc. in Canada, 877-543-3398 or

Ref: Nguyen, Q.D., et al. "Supplemental Oxygen Improves Diabetic
Macular Edema: A Pilot Study," Investigative Ophthalmology &
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