Ozone for Water Purification

How Do You Apply Ozone to Water?

Remember that Ozone (O3) is a gas. Since it is not a liquid or a powder it cannot be poured into the water. Ozone will only disinfect the water that it touches or becomes dissolved in, so special methods have been developed to introduce ozone to the water and make sure it sufficiently contacts the water in order to perform the task of purifying the water:

The simplest method to introduce ozone to the water is to ‘bubble’ it through the water. This method is sufficient for small amounts of water such as a glass, or a gallon, however this is not practical for larger volumes of water. Imagine trying to bubble ozone into a swimming pool. If you just put a bubbler at the bottom of the deep end of the pool, a stream of bubbles will rise directly up to the surface. The bubbles will only be touching a very small portion of the water in the pool before those bubbles escape into the air at the surface. So, the purifying power of ozone will not be transferred very well to the water in this case.

The most common way to introduce ozone into water for large scale water purification is through venture injection. A special injector is used inline with flowing water. Ozone is attached to the injector. The water flowing through the line creates a suction on a port of the injector, and the ozone is literally sucked into the water from the ozone generator. While this can sometimes provide sufficient mixing of the water with the ozone, this mixture of ozone bubbles and water is usually directed to a mixing tank for further mixing.

Static Mixing
Static mixers are also used inline just like an injector, but are most often used to mix the bubbles and the water together, causing a twisting and turning vortex of the water with the ozone bubbles and some even chop the bubbles into smaller bubbles. Smaller bubbles will release more of their contents of gas into the water, which increases the transfer of ozone from the gas form into the water.

Proper mixing of ozone with the water is crucial in order to ensure that the ozone has the opportunity to perform the purification of the water. (See the related article Water Ozonation Secrets)

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