Ozone for Water Purification

Water Ozonation Safety

There are some basic secrets to successful water ozonation. These secrets apply regardless of the water you are ozonating, or your final goals. You might want to make highly ozonated medical grade ‘ozonated water’, you might be designing a water purification plant for bottled water, or you might be considering ozonating water for city or municipal drinking water.

These secrets apply regardless of your water ozonating goals:

More ozone will transfer to the water if the bubbles are small instead of large.

Ozonation of water is more successful if the water temperature is low.

More ozone will be transferred to the water the better the bubbles of ozone and water are mixed together.

Contact Time
The longer the bubbles are in contact with the water, the more effective the ozonation process will be.

Water Quality
If you start with a higher quality water, the ozone will be more effective and the ozonation processing time can be reduced. Rather than just taking raw water from a well or a river and ozonating it, certain compounds in the water should be removed from the water first. For example, soil, silt, and particles should be removed first and can easily be removed with simple filters. Another consideration is chlorine. If there is already chlorine in the water, the chlorine will interact with the ozone and destroy much of the ozone. Iron should also be removed from the water first, as it too will consume the ozone but also, iron oxide (which is toxic) will be formed in the water. Therefore, the higher the quality of water you start with, the higher the levels of ozone you will be able to store in the water and the shorter the time required to do so.

If you keep these secrets in mind when designing your water ozonation process you will be successful.

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