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The Use of Ozone in Medicine has been fully accepted and common practice in Spain, Italy, Germany, Cuba, Russia, and many more countries for over 50 years. This incredible healing modality has an astounding record of safety, and efficacy (ie. it works) in a wide range of health challenges. An impressive array of over 50 years of studies into the details of Ozone Therapy, have revealed just how Ozone Therapy works in human medicine.

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So why do we need an American Academy of Ozonotherapy?

Perfect Timing:
The use of ozone in medicine is expanding around the globe. At this time there are professional ozone associations in Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. Years ago, Dr. Frank Shallenberger (MD), while attending an international symposium on ozone therapy in Madrid, was told that this international community of ozone therapists was interested in having a professional organization in America to associate with. As a matter of fact, they were somewhat surprised that an American Association did not already exist.

There is a need to properly creditial ozonotherapists and Prolozone Practitioners in such a way as to guarantee to any patient that the Ozone Treatment will be done correctly, safely, and in accordance with established procedures. The American Academy of Ozonotherapy has already established these standards. This will protect us all from any unscrupulous practitioners who might damage the image of ozonotherapy or Prolozone by using unacceptable or unethical practices.

Establishing a professional academy is the first step toward receiving recognition from licensing boards and insurance companies.

Being board certified by a professional academy will help protect you from liability claims.

Education and Research:
There is a need for an academy to provide continuing education, and establish and support related research. The American Academy of Ozonotherapy has been performing IRB (Investigative Review Board) Research for the past 5 years in order to establish proof of the safety and efficacy of the use of ozone in clinical practice. The North American leaders in the field of ozone therapy, belong to and contribute their time and efforts to the American Academy of Ozonotherapy...the AAO. Join them in this research and fellowship!


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