You Don't Need to be a Member of the AAO to Attend the Conference in May 2019 in Colorado USA!

All Practitioners are Welcome!
Registrations are Open!

Amazing Line-up of International Conference Speakers! See The Speaker List Below...

"Ozone Kills MRSA1, VRE2, Rebuilds Knee / Hip / Shoulders3, Has Been Proven to be More Effective than Spinal Surgery4!"

Why Would you Attend?

1. New to Ozone Therapy? Wondering why interest is skyrocketing? Attend the Introductory Lecture on Thursday May 2, 2019. A Full Introduction is presented by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD.

2. Interested in Ozone Therapy or already using it? Listen to international speakers from all around the world provide NEW information on Ozone Therapy May 2, 3, 4, 2019!!

3. Meet hundreds of fellow pracitioners using Ozone Therapy! Talk with them to learn their experience and find out how it can make that major leap in medical science for you and your patients!

So...the real question is, How Could you Miss This?

Registrations are open...only 300 seats available and selling fast!. You can Register Here. The rooms at the Omni Hotel where the AAO Conference is being held are going fast! Register Now!!

"I Had No Idea So Many Practitioners are Using Ozone!"

Each annual meeting attracts approximately 300 Ozone Practitioners from around the world. The oustanding attendance each year is a testament to this amazing organization that brings together all disciplines, all practitioners, all professionals with an interest in Medical Ozone Therapy.

Ozone Medical Doctors, Ozone Dentists, Ozone Veterinarians, Ozone Chiropractors, Ozone Naturopathic Physicians, Ozone LPN's, and many, many more spend these weekends learning from the speakers, and learning from each other.

More professionals than ever are now using Ozone Therapy in America. The word is out that the AAO Conference is the best way to learn the most about ozone in the shortest amount of time. Over a period of 3 days be prepared to be amazed as the speakers at this event report substantiated objective results of medical 'miracles' occuring while using Ozone Therapy in their practice.


The Speakers List for 2019 is full of Speakers and Knowledge you can't afford to miss!

Frank Shallenberger MD: An Introduction and Update on Ozone Therapy

Frank Shallenberger MD: An Integrated Protocol for Cancer management utilizing low dose chemotherapy with detoxification and ozone therapy

Dr. Nathan Bryan PhD: Nitric Oxide, The Overlooked Molecule in Patient Care. Dr. Bryan is the world expert on Nitric Oxide and explains why Nitric Oxide is the "Holy Grail" of Cardiovascular Medicine. "Loss of nitric oxide production as we age, is what leads to chronic disease. Without healthy Nitric Oxide levels you cannot be healthy and prevent the diseases of aging. Nitric Oxide is the secret to Anti-aging". Remember EDRF (Endothelium Derived Relaxation Factor) we learned about in biochemistry and medical school? EDRF was the name "they" gave to a 'mystery' substance...the truth is, no one in those days knew what it was! We do now! NITRIC OXIDE and Dr. Bryan is the expert. He's here to teach you all about it.

Johann Lahodny MD: Dr. Lahodny is the world's leading expert and the developer of high dose ozone therapy. He will present an update on the new scientific and clinical research into this unique method.

Hal Blattman MD: Dr. Blattman is our first featured Tools and Pearls Lecturer; He is a leading authority on pain management and trigger point therapy. He will be discussing what causes pain, the role of fascia, nutrition, inflammation and the toxicity of food and food pain.

Asher Milgrom: A novel method of performing MAH (Ozone Major Autohemotherapy) without anticoagulants.

Sean Devlin MD: The synergy of Argentyn 23 silver hydrosol and ozone therapy

Alireza Panahpour DDS FAAO: Dental Epigenetics and its relationship to Ozone Therapies

Joy Kong MD: A Review of Cord Derived Stem Cell Therapy

AJ Farshchian MD: Systemic Stem Cell Therapy with Case Studies

David Minkoff MD FAAO: The Search for the Perfect Protein; The Key to solving Weight Loss, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Osteopporosis

Akbar Khan MD: Combining MAHwith IV DMSO, Sodium Bicarb, and IV Dichloroacetate f cancer therapy. Also, Experiences using MAH in pediatric Care.

Dennis Harper DC FAAO: Innovative Strategies for Living to 139

Scott Scherr MD - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - A Review and Strategy for Combining with Ozone Therapy

Fred Buechel MD FAAO: Prolozone Injection Therapy after Total Joint Replacement - Can it Replace Steroid Injections?

All Practitioners are Welcome! Registrations are Open! Register NOW to ensure there is space for you! Click Here!

2 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21920551
3 http://www.ijpmr.com/ijpmr1102/ozone.pdf

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