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The American Academy of Ozonotherapy is a fully registered Academy with the purpose of promoting the Safe and Effective use of Ozone in North America, and to Enhance the Health and Well Being of the North American People through this already proven Safe, Inexpensive, and Effective Therapy.

Hundreds of practitioners have already enrolled in order to learn more about Ozone Therapy, and to learn from other experienced Ozone Therapy Doctors and Practitioners. Did you know that there are already formal, approved, scientific studies ongoing right here in the USA, proving that Ozone Therapy is extremely effective for an astounding variety of conditions? To learn more about Ozone Therapy, conduct or take part in clinical Ozone Therapy Studies, or to join a 'Made in the USA" organization with a goal to promote the safe and effective use of Ozone Therapy, join the American Academy of Ozonotherapy today.

If you are a Practitioner:

These pages are informing you, the practitioner, that there is a strong cohesive voice for the establishment of standardized training and protocols for Ozone Therapy in America.

Join the American Academy of Ozonotherapy by clicking JOIN, AND THEN register for the annual meeting, now held May 4 - 6, 2023. You will save on registration fees by already being a member.

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If you are a member of the Public, and a fan of Ozone Therapy:

The American Academy of Ozonotherapy was actually established to benefit you, the public, to ensure that you have easy access to high quality Ozone Practitioners fully trained and certified on the Use of Ozone in Medicine.

See the AAO Website here: www.aaot.us


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