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Ozone: Breath of Life
by Robert Wilner, MD

OZONE (03) "Breath of God" (Ancient Hebrew)

The discovery and naming of ozone is attributed to Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. Its value in medicine was debated for many decades and references to its use were sporadic. Dr. Albert Wolf, a German physician wrote in 1915. "As regards the medical usability of ozone, the viewpoint of experimental science may be considered as being in direct opposition to the practical experiences gained by industry." He used ozone successfully in the treatment of decubitus ulcers. During the First World War (1915) ozone gas was used to purify the drinking water of major cities since 1901. The first was Vienna and the most recent was Los Angeles. It does not give water the disagreeable taste that chlorine does. Although many authorities refer to it as poisonous and a hazard to life, like anything else on this planet, if used properly it is beneficial - in fact life would become extinct without ozone in our atmosphere. The breathing of inappropriate concentrations is indeed harmful to the lungs, but in proper concentrations it purifies the air we breath. Home and industrial ozonators are used throughout the world (including the United States, to purify the air), and yet, comments are being made publicly by authoritative figures that ozone is poisonous and a hazard to life. This is indeed true if, as in the case of any substance on this earth, it is used in unsafe amounts. Statements of this nature are unjustified and fraudulent when they are intended to misinform or alarm the public in a way that would indicate that ozone is unsafe under any circumstances.

Ozone is created by the action of ultraviolet light or a strong electrical field on oxygen atoms. The result if the forcing together of 3 atoms into unstable groups (03) that rather quickly break down into the usual oxygen molecule (02). Ozone is lethal to almost all viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells. The scientific literature is replete with articles proving these facts. Ozone is formed in our atmosphere naturally by the effect of lightning on oxygen. It is that wonderful sweet smell that you can detect after a summer storm. It is nature's method of cleansing our atmosphere of contamination. The poisonous ozone levels reported effecting our cities differs dramatically in that it represents the combining of the extensive overwhelming pollution with ozone insufficient to do the job. If you wonder why cancer rates have tripled in the last 20 years, consider this startling fact: The oxygen level of the air we breathed 200 years ago is much higher than it is today. (From the work of LaVosier - the discoverer of oxygen and current figures.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in biochemistry. Dr. Warburg demonstrated that the metabolism of a cancer cell was like that of a plant cell, which thrives on carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen as its waste product. It actually represents the process of fermentation. We are composed of animal cells and oxygen is essential for our assimilation of nutrients and the detoxification and elimination of waste products. When ozone is introduced into the bloodstream, it is converted into oxygen, hydroxyperoxides and other beneficial free radical scavengers which actually seek out and destroy diseased cells.

Nearly 50 years later, the prestigious journal SCIENCE, VOL. 209, 22 AUGUST 1980, published a paper entitled: OZONE SELECTIVELY INHIBITS GROWTH OF HUMAN CANCER CELLS. This paper dealt with the exposure of human lung, breast, and uterine cancer tissue to ozone at concentrations of 0.3 to 0.8 parts per million, well within the non-toxic limits tolerated safely during the average ten minute period that medically administered ozone takes and concentrations far less than that are used. In the experiments, normal human cells were not effected at these levels. The modern development of ozone application in medicine gained impetus in the 1950's in Europe, and its use gradually spread throughout Europe to Australia, Israel, and Brazil.

INTRA-VENOUS OZONE GAS is extremely safe and effective against all infections. The earliest evidence that I could locate of ozone's recommendation as therapy in the United States, appeared in an 1885 issue of the Journal of the Dade County Medical Association. In spite of this and many other references prior to 1920, the FDA has illegally raided and confiscated ozone generators from the offices of advanced (alternative) physicians. Ozone is classified as a toxic gas if inhaled in large quantities. However, it is not toxic when injected slowly into the body by intra-arterial injections, I.V., intramuscularly, subcutaneously or by vaginal or rectal insufflation. Ozone has no side effects when administered, using these methods, in the proper quantities and concentrations. It does not effect healthy cells of any type adversely under those conditions.

It is obvious why it is lethal to cancer cells. The cancer (plant) cell is being given toxic waste product, while our normal cells are being given their essential for life. Individuals receiving ozone for the first time are usually apprehensive. It is scary to have "air" injected into their veins. They have images of dying from an air embolus. Almost everyone seems to recollect a murder mystery in which the villain killed his victim that way in the hopes of committing the perfect crime. It will never happen in real life because:

1. Nitrogen would have to be present in order to cause a toxic reaction and therapeutically only pure medical grade oxygen is used. It would take at least 50 cc of gas given within 2 to 3 seconds. That cannot even be accomplished with a very large bore 18 gauge needle. The procedure is done with a fine 25 gauge needle. Death could only occur intentionally, never accidentally.

Specific therapeutic applications of ozone include the treatment of circulatory problems, decubitus ulcers, some forms of cancer (still under investigation as to how many), AIDS, viral diseases, wounds, scars, burns, gangrene and liver disease including hepatitis. Ozone is the only substance known which is virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, protozoacidal and cancericidal. Over 1,000 medical papers exist in the world medical literature attesting to its efficacy in the treatment of disease in many tens of thousands of patients. Typically it has been ignored in America because it cannot be patented. Therefore, it is not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to spend the millions of dollars necessary to prove its effectiveness by FDA standards. It would reap scorn and outrage of incredible proportions if the truth were known. The pharmaceutical industry and the FDA confuse and distort the role of ozone in our ecosystem and suppress its use therapeutically (even though, under law, it should be "grandfathered in"). In addition to the many articles on the use of ozone in medicine, there are medical texts such as "THE USE OF OZONE IN MEDICINE" by Prof. Siegfried Rilling, M.D. and Renate Viebahn, Ph.D., and medical organizations in the major industrial nations of the world dedicated to the education and instruction of its use.

A WORLD OZONE CONFERENCE has been held frequently since the early 1970's, the most recent was held in San Francisco (1993), and was attended by hundreds of doctors from many countries. Russia sent seven scientists to present papers on their discoveries of its application. In no other science does acceptance take as long as it does in medicine. The use of deep freezing techniques took over 80 years and television over 30 years, but in medicine, where human life is at stake, it can take 150 years and maybe never if there is no profit to be made. Fortunately for mankind, there are still countries where investigation into non-drug, non- patentable, non-toxic and inexpensive therapies are still being carried out.

The PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORLD OZONE CONFERENCES have documented and published the techniques and dosages of ozone for its beneficial use in the following conditions. Cancer (Carcinoma), Spastic Colon, Arterial Thrombosis, Osteomyelitis, Acne, Proctitis Bladder Fistula, Wounds, Ulcers, Varicosities, Radiation burns, Phlebitises, Parkinson's, Ulcerative Colitis, Mucous Colitis, Chronic Cystitis Colitis, Chronic Cystitis, Coli Infections, Chronic Hepatitis, Hemorrhoids, Anal Eczema, Arthritis Intrarectal insufflation is excellent for diarrhea and candidiasis (in women intravaginal insufflation is also effective), and it is applied in this manner when intravenous administration is impractical or unavailable. As long as the lobbyists and influence peddlers for the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA are able to convince our representatives that anything outside of the mainstream of medicine is either useless, fraudulent or dangerous, many safe, non toxic and effective therapies will be denied to the public. Our representatives must be made aware that although the safety is not usually the problem, proof of efficacy by the double-blind standard is economically prohibitive. In those instances where such proof has been offered, fraudulent tactics by the opposition have resulted in blocking the use of some incredible therapies. If you want to know what benefits ozone bestows in disease, ask the doctors and patients who have used it - but, of course, that's anecdotal!!!

Virtually every patient's room in a modern hospital is equipped for the administration of oxygen. Certainly, an emergency room cannot be without one because it is required by law. Deep breathing exercises are prescribed for patients with lung problems and for individuals recovering from surgery. The narrow use of these techniques are indeed unfortunate, they should be routine for all patients. The local gymnasiums and health spas routinely employ the proper use of deep breathing exercises. The average person takes their respiration for granted. There are large religious cults who incorporate consciousness of breathing as an important ritual of their beliefs. Indians refer to breathing as an important ritual of their beliefs. Indians refer to "Prana" as a wonderful substance that God has provided for a healthy life. Certainly, Prana is oxygen, or possibly even ozone. Both aptly fit their description. Obviously, chronic and gradual oxygen deprivation on metabolism is devastating and leads to an inadequate processing of the toxic wastes that our bodies are constantly producing. One of the consequences of lowered oxygen concentration is the elevation of uric acid in the body. This one compound alone, is implicated in a wide variety of metabolic problems. The most common disease associated with uric acid disorder is gout and it is primarily due to an inability to process meat protein. However, the far reaching effects on almost every system of the body gives us an indication of the widespread effect that a low-grade increase can have. The formation of a stone in the kidneys and gallbladder, the blocking of circulation and the destruction of joints by the formation of crystals are just a few of the problems that arise. There are literally hundreds of known biochemical reactions in the body that utilize oxygen. There are probably many thousands more waiting to be discovered. Acute deprivation of oxygen leads to a rapid death. We are getting there more quickly than we should. The importance of oxidative processes is discussed more fully elsewhere, but the relationship with the development and progress of cancer is no longer in doubt. The use of ozone appears to go beyond the benefit of oxygen in the treatment of disease. The production of electromagnetic energy at the molecular level, as the ozone molecule disassociates into oxygen, undoubtedly plays a role in its usefulness in therapy. Permit me to list just a few of the proven effects of ozone.

1. Ozone activates the enzymes involved in peroxide or oxygen "free radical" destruction i.e. glutathione, catalase, s.o.d.
2. Accelerates glycolysis (breakdown of glycogen) in RGSs, thus it:
Increases the release of 02 from the hemoglobin in the blood to the tissues.
Enhances formation of acetyl coenzyme-a, which is vital in metabolic detoxification.
Influences the mitochondrial transport system which enhances the metabolism of all cells and safeguards against mutagenic changes.
d. Increases red blood cell pliability, blood fluidity and arterial P02 (oxygen content) and a decrease in rouleaux formation (clumping) which interferes with the normal functioning of red blood cell metabolism.
3. Increases leukocytosis (production of the white blood cells) and phagocytosis (the manner in which certain white blood cells destroy foreign matter). Both processes are part of the immune defense system.
4. Stimulates the reticulo-endothelial system, the rebuilding of tissue.
5. Strong germicide - inactivates enteroviruses, coliform bacteria, saphylococcus aureus and aeromona hydrophilia.
6. Disrupts the cell envelope of many pathogenic organisms which are composed of phospholipids, peptidoglycans and polysaccharides.
7. Opens the circular plasmid DNA which lessens bacterial proliferation.
8. Fungicidal, inhibits candida cell growth.
9. Low doses stimulate the immune system.
10. High doses inhibit the immune system.
11. Limit dose to 3,000 ug.

The information for this article is culled from the hundreds of papers presented at the World Conferences on Ozone. The scarcity of information available in the major medical journals is testimony to the power of the Pharmaceutical industry. With good reason, they have established a wall of silence and welcome the dissemination of falsehoods about the effects of ozone. They have an entire market of antibiotics that are at odds with ozone therapy. My conversations with practitioners in several countries, including the United States, confirms the remarkable results that I observed first-hand in my own practice.

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