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The Amazing Ozone Healing Miracles from Cuba
by Dr. Robert Rowen MD
(Dr. Rowen is a WorldWide expert on Ozone, Oxygen Therapies, and AntiAging. Learn more by visiting his website and joining his newsletter at

Exerpt from December 2012 Issue of Second Opinion Newsletter (

In last month’s issue, I introduced you to Cuban doctor Silvia Menendez, PhD. Dr. Menendez has done some incredible research on ozone therapy. I showed you a small portion of her research. But there’s so much on ozone to discuss, that I had to wait until this month to tell you more.

Let’s start with cancer. Modern research shows how ozone increases tumor oxygen tension. With more oxygen in tumors, they behave less aggressively and with less metastases. I reported in August my observations of several cancer patients receiving oxidation therapy. No, this is not a one-size fits all for cancer. But, it is a wonderful adjunctive and supportive treatment to whatever path you choose.

Years ago in Alaska, I treated a patient with bladder cancer with bladder ozone. He had been having recurrences every few months. As long as he was getting intermittent ozone bladder instillations, he remained recurrence free!

Speaking of Alaska, I called Don, a 76-year-old Alaskan friend in July. He was short of breath, coughing, and gagging from a likely infection. I sent him to Dr. Michael Ellenburg, one of my trainees. Dr. Ellenburg treated him with blood ozonation and UBI. Don was better immediately while still in Dr. Ellenburg’s office. The next day, he was virtually back to normal. Additionally, his exercise tolerance was far better (he also has peripheral vascular disease).

Another of my trainees, Dr. Margaret Ngu from Australia wrote and told me about an amazing case of Dupuytren’s contracture of her patient’s hand. While this condition is usually painless, the thickening and “contracture” of tissue beneath the skin can make extending the fingers very difficult. In some cases, it’s almost impossible. After Dr. Ngu injected ozone into the contracture, it melted away in a few days. Dr. Menendez told our conference group of great improvement in Peyronie’s disease, a contracture of the erect penis. In these cases, the gas must be injected directly into the scarred tissue. In the flaccid penis, it can be hard to find. Her team does it under ultrasound guidance.

If this were all ozone could do, it would be an amazing treatment. But this story gets even better. Ozone is a must in circulation disorders. I’ve had the pleasure of treating a retired eye surgeon. He was a cardiac cripple after a major heart attack in the summer of 2011. Within 10 weeks of treatment, he was carrying around concrete sacks to set up fence posts on his property.

Dr. Menendez’s team has shown dramatic improvement in the genetic blinding disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP). The treatment cycles need repeating due to gradual regression of gained improvement. Terri and I trained several physicians at an Indian charitable hospital in ozone therapy. Months later, I received an email from grateful eye doctors reporting partial reversal of RP in a child! Ozone regularly improves age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with sustained results. I am treating a podiatrist with AMD and he is quite happy with his improvement!

Dr. Menendez has clear documentation that ozone protects and even reverses visual field damage from glaucoma. That was a huge revelation for me, since I’ve not considered ozone for this blinding disease until now. But, it makes sense. Glaucoma can compromise circulation to the optic nerve, damaging vision. Ozone therapy will protect and improve circulation. So if you have glaucoma or macular degeneration, ozone could help you more than any other treatment available.

What about hearing loss? Is it possible ozone can help? Dr. Menendez told us that she has reversed cases of sudden deafness with ozone therapy. But you have to receive treatment as soon as possible. If you’re suffering from age-related hearing loss, you need to consider ozone. Dr. Menendez says she’s seen improvement in hearing all frequencies with ozone therapy.

One area where we haven’t used ozone enough is with senile dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Menendez says almost all cases of memory loss will respond to ozone! Here’s the surprising reason: These disorders have an EXCESS of nitric oxide (NO). Ozone therapy modulates (or balances) NO. That means when you’re deficient, ozone increases it, and when you have an excess, it reduces it.

Reduction of excess NO and inflammatory cytokines, and elevation of SOD help protect vulnerable brain synapses from damage. Dr. Menendez reported 70% of Alzheimer’s dementia patients improve with ozone compared to 80% with other dementias. What was astounding was that 93% of her Parkinson’s disease patients had reduced tremors!

It’s absolutely astounding to me that a despotic dictator has allowed ozone to flourish while our government has repeatedly smashed oxidation. But despite our government’s attempts to destroy your access to this life-saving treatment, it’s still available. You can find a list of my own trainees at

But, as I told you last month, you don’t have to visit a doctor to receive ozone. You can administer it in the comfort of your own home. Rectal ozone is a great way to administer ozone. You can’t order an ozone machine from anyone in the U.S., but you can buy one from Longevity Resources of Canada (877-543-3398). They have an affordable ozone generator for water sterilization. I have the Ext 120 model myself, which I recommend to patients. With the help of a doctor familiar with ozone, you can most easily adapt it for your use for rectal insufflation.

I am happy to provide paid phone education appointments for anyone desiring to know how I might use it for any particular condition. Please see page 8 for contact information.


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