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How Do I Use Ozone Therapy? Common Ozone Therapy Application Methods are:

  1. Rectal Insufflation - infusing ozone rectally
  2. Topical Ozone - for open wounds
  3. Major Autohemotherapy - removing blood, ozonating it, returning it to the patient
  4. Minor Autohemotherapy - remove a small amount of blood (10cc), ozonate it, inject it into muscle
  5. Ozone Sauna
  6. Limb Bagging - a topical ozone application
  7. Ozone into Ears
  8. Direct IV Injection (illegal even in some 'pro-ozone' countries due to increased risk of injury)

Ozone Therapy protocols are best performed by trained professionals. In many countries around the world, such as Germany and Spain, Ozone Therapy is offered only by trained professionals and is not used at home. Unfortunately in many other countries, such as many Asian Nations, Australia, and New Zealand, there are so few Professionals offering Ozone Therapy Protocols that the only option for many people is to use Ozone Therapy themselves within their own homes. If you are considering using Ozone Therapy you need to ensure that you have the proper information and guidance..

In North America, the number of Professional Practitioners offering Ozone is increasing however it can still be very difficult to find an Ozone Doctor close to your home. (Please check our Ozone Doctor list to see if there is a clinic near you offering Ozone). If it is necessary to use ozone yourself in your own home it is fortunate that there are protocols that are relatively easy to perform. Having said that, before attempting any protocols you should review the protocols carefully, ensure that the protocols you are following come from a reliable source.

Some of the protocols can be found in the article “A Review of Ozone Therapy Applications”. The information provided in this article is not intended to be used as an instructional guide, but only as a source of information to clarify how ozone is being used around the world. The information provided in the article was obtained from an International Professional Organization who are responsible for standardizing world wide ozone protocols. (If you have a health challenge you must see a trained medical practitioner. Reading information on the internet is not a substitute for the guidance and treatment that a professional can provide for you. Information on this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice, nor utilized as a substitute for seeking professional care. This site makes no claims regarding the safety, efficacy, nor methods of administration of ozone; information is for your interest only).

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