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What are the Side Effects of Ozone?
Ozone Therapy is usually discussed as having "Side Benefits" instead of Side Effects. Side Effects are usually associated with traditional allopathic medicine, where a medicine is applied to the body to correct a symptom, and yet causes more symptoms or Side Effects. Ozone on the other hand, seems to correct problems that may not be the primary reason for taking the ozone.

An excellent example of this "Side Benefits" of ozone are found in an article posted on this website from Alternative Medicine Magazine about Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD treating a cancer patient with ozone. In doing so, the ozone seems to have also cured her of her diabetes. (If you would like to read more information about this, see the Adult Onset Diabetes article by clicking here. If you would like to have more information about Ozone Therapy and Diabetes click here to see another article on our website. You might also want to consider purchasing Dr. Frank Shallenberger's book "The Type II Diabetes Breakthrough" available at www.amazon.com for only $11.83 (Print) or $7.69 Kindle.)

How is this possible? Ozone addresses and corrects so many of the basic systems in our bodies, such as energy production, oxygen delivery, oxygen utilization, immune system enhancement, oxidation levels. In using ozone for one health challenge it makes sense that correcting these systems for that one health challenge would also help alleviate (or eliminate) the other health challenges in the body.

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