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What are the advantages of Ozone over more traditional Medical therapies?
What is the Advantage of Ozone? Why would I use it instead of normal Medical Procedures or Drugs?

Which medical therapy (or therapies) to use for a medical condition is a very personal choice. Many factors must be taken into consideration as to which therapy, or combination of therapies, will provide the greatest efficacy (effectiveness) while maintaining the safety of the patient and the least trauma or side effects (if any) to the body. This article is not intended to convince the reader to use Ozone instead of other therapies, but to clarify why ozone should be used as a front line treatment for many diseases and to point out the many advantages ozone has over other traditional medical therapies and other integrative medical therapies. Ozone is most often used in conjunction with other therapies, not as a stand-alone treatment.

Traditional “Medical Therapies” used by allopathic medical doctors tend to treat symptoms, not the disease itself. You may have read this before but most people fail to fully understand the implications of this basic “mistake” of traditional medicine. By simpling addressing the symptoms of a disease, the actual cause of the disease is left untreated. For example, the traditional way to treat high blood pressure is to simply prescribe a drug that lowers the blood pressure; problem solves. Or is it? There must be a reason for why the blood pressure went up in the first place, a mistake or error in the functioning of the body. If one takes drugs to simply push the blood pressure back down aritificially, that mistake or error in the functioning of the body that made the blood pressure rise still exists, it is still there. The high blood pressure is a sign that something is wrong, but it itself is not the underlying problem.

Ozone on the other hand, as mentioned above, can enhance the basic functions of life that are ongoing in your body every day. This is why ozone affects, in an almost miraculous way, virtually every single disease. Ozone is not treating disease, but instead is supporting the basic functions of life.

While some people will use ozone alone for their ailments or diseases, most people will use ozone with traditional medical therapy or with other Alternative or Integrative Medical Therapies. You don’t have to use ozone by itself and the suggestion is that you don’t.

So, what is the advantage of ozone over traditional therapies and other integrative or naturopathic therapies? Ozone has all of the benefits listed above, and many more, yet has absolutely no side effects. None. As a matter of fact most people think of ozone as having “Side Benefits” instead of “Side Effects”. This is because while treating one disease, ailment, or health challenge with ozone, most patients find that other diseases or problems they have been having miraculously go away. Whether you call it a miracle or not, there is no magic or mystery going on here…ozone simple has far more wide and varied beneficial effects than virtually any other single agent being used in medicine today and at the same time no Side Effects. The real question should not be “Why would I use it?”, but instead, Why Wouldn’t I Use It?


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