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Where Do I Get Ozone Treatments? How Do I Find an Ozone Doctor?
Where do I Find More Information?
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Where Do I Find More Information About Ozone Therapy to Help Me Understand It?
Excellent question! We have the following suggestions:

1. First and foremost you will want to read "The Ozone Miracle" by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, North America's foremost expert on Ozone Therapy. This is by far the best book about Ozone Therapy ever written. It is written for everyone, those with absolutely no prior experience in medicine or ozone therapy all the way through to those who have medical training and even experience or training in Ozone Therapy. The Ozone Miracle is available at the website TheOzoneMiracle.com. There you can read a free excerpt from the book and you can also watch excellent videos. (See below)

2. Watch the videos posted at TheOzoneMiracle.com as they provide you with very easy to understand explanations of how to perform the most popular ozone therapy protocols, in video format. These videos are known as the best ozone protocol videos on the internet today.

3. Read all of the Ozone Therapy Articles that are posted on this website.
You can begin on this page: Ozone Therapy Articles

4. Visit a trained Ozone Therapy Practitioner by viewing the Ozone Doctor List at www.OzoneDoctor.com.

5. If you are a Practitioner, attend an Ozone Course to learn more. Ozone Therapy Courses are posted here: www.OzoneCourse.com

6. If you are a Practitioner, even if you have no Ozone Therapy experience, attend the next Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy . Approximately 300 or more practitioners will be in attendance, most of them already using ozone. You can speak with all of them to learn of their experiences, and also listen to the lectures from world experts on Ozone Therapy.

For More Information About Ozone Therapy please see our Ozone Therapy Articles (posted here).

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