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What Does Ozone Do When Used for Medical Ozone Therapy?
Ozone works so well for such a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases that unfortunately many people don’t believe that the reported results could possibly be true. Well, they are. The reason it works for so many diseases and conditions is because it affects the biochemistry of the body in that it gets to the root cause of all diseases. What does it do and how does it do it?

1. Ozone modulates the immune system so that it functions as it was designed to function.
A weakened immune system means that you are vulnerable to becoming ill. It also means that if you become ill, you are less likely to recover if your immune system is weak. According to Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD those of you who are ill have a weakened immune system (this is guaranteed). Ozone has the ability to ‘wake up’ the immune system to make it function better.

2. Ozone increases oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells.
If we stopped breathing oxygen we would all be dead in 8 minutes or less. Why? Oxygen enables our cells to make energy. Without oxygen our cells can’t make energy, and without energy our cells will die. If our cells die, we die. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells by the RBC’s or Red Blood Cells. It also makes the Red Blood Cells more ‘squishy’ so that they can do a better job of fitting down long skinny blood vessels that supply your tissues and organs with blood and oxygen.

Want even more oxygen? Read our articles about EWOT – Exercise With Oxygen Training. In combination with ozone, EWOT could be your answer to youthful vitality.

3. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact, and it inhibits the ability of viruses to attach to cells.
Killing bacteria is fantastic, as it inhibits their ability to cause disease. Ozone will also inhibit a virus’s ability to attach to cells. This is important. If a virus can’t attach to your cells, it can’t cause disease.

4. Ozone increases cellular energy production, making energy production more efficient.
You breathe oxygen so that it can be used to create energy in your cells. Quite often this process does not occur very efficiently, especially when humans age beyond the age of 30. Ozone helps to ‘reviatalize’ this process so that you can make more energy from that oxygen that you are breathing, just like fine tuning a car engine so that it can get more power out of gasoline.

5. Ozone decreases the level of oxidation in your body.
Oxidation is a normal biological process that is essential to life. Without Oxidation you would die. The problem is that oxidation sometimes gets out of control in the body, and the overall levels of oxidation get too high. It has been noted by researchers that all disease is accompanied by an increase in oxidation in the body beyond the normal limits. It would follow then that if you could lower the oxidation levels of your body back down to normal, this would help the body recover from any illness.

How would you do this? Take antioxidants of course, like Vitamin C, E, etc. The problem is that taking ‘antioxidants’ does not actually lower the oxidation levels of the body. It has been proen through scientific study that this method does not work. Taking a closer look at this researchers have realized why antioxidants don’t lower the oxidation levels of the body, because this job is actually handled by antioxidant enzyme systems in the body, not the antioxidants themselves. The antioxidant enzyme systems of your body must be sufficiently active and in sufficient supply in order for you to have a lowering of the overall oxidation levels of the body. It just so happens that this is what ozone does. Ozone increases the levels of antioxidant enzyme systems in your body, and also their activity, helping the body to achieve an overall lowering and balancing of the oxidation levels in your body, and thereby helping to bring the body back to a state of health.

That isn’t all that ozone does for you, but those are the “Top 5”

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